SOC 2010 Seminar Content

So we have this time and I was wondering what sort of interest there was.  So leave me a comment and lets make this exciting.

2pm – 3pm Seminar: Nick Taliaferro Saab Performance Mods

Click the link to read my rough outline.  

Should it be basics or a little of everything.

  • Videos are a must.
  • Some of my cars and the modifications that stay.

Goals of tuning

  • Compromises faced on production cars
  • Noise / comfort
  • Maintenance / Durability
  • CAFÉ / Marketing
  • Tradeoffs made when tuning
  • Compromise parts
  • No compromise changes

Chassis Tuning Concepts

  • By Car? By Concept?

Engine Tuning – Making Torque –

  • All About airflow
  • Finding the “Problem”
  • Correcting it and the tradeoffs
  • Spark Plug tech
  • Engine Variables
  • Air temp
  • Fuel quality
  • E85
  • Conversion requirements
  • mileage
  • Emissions / legality
  • Relationship of HP to TQ
  • BMEP as a comparison between engine sizes
  • Questions / Answers


  • Helping gearbox deal with the torque
  • Clutch
  • Updates / reinforcements for durability
  • Auto / manual
  • LSD


  • Basics of turning a luxury sport car into a sports car
  • Shocks, Springs and Sway bars and the relationship
  • Bushings, Braces and Bars
  • Specific examples for specialized applications


  1. YellowViggen says:

    Would like you to explain which hardware is optimal for tuning software. My understanding is that stage 1 BSR (or Nordic) software doesn’t require any extra hardware. How about stage 2? Which downpipe, exhaust, etc is best to extract most from the software? There are many choices on your website and I am lost as to which hardware to choose.

  2. Dan says:

    I’m interested in how to maintain overall “balance” when making performance changes, not just more power and torque. That doesn’t help you corner or stop better. Include braking and handling info. with the pros and cons of making changes.

    Secondarily, will you be bringing any parts, etc. for sale? I’m interested in the Koni kit and 6-point brace for my Viggen and would love to save $$ on shipping, since I’m driving to the event.

  3. Mike900 says:

    The outline looks great…. You’re well respected among enthusiasts Nick, I’m sure whatever you come up with will be valued among the Saab community.

    I am of course biased being a Viggen owner :)

    I wish that people understood how much improvement can be gained by simple yet effective basic mods… For example the steering rack clamp & brace.

    All the best.


  4. Martin W says:

    The issue of balance is a good one. I ‘ ve got most of the suspension/handling upgrades (Koni kit/,braces,bars, etc, mostly from GS) on my Viggen already. Better brakes and/or upgraded software are next. Coming from Canada I would also like to know whether you will bring stuff for sale? Ideally parts that could be installed on the car on site.

  5. NickT says:

    Appreciate the comments.

    As far as parts sales. We cannot sell them up there but if you want to select “nicks truck to SOC” as the shipping option that will work too. ;)

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