Gearbox Oil.. Redline MT-85 (gasp)

This is the first fluid I have found to be better than the stock 0063.

In the cold it is noticeably better.  Will see what it does for the F40s crunchiness.   Interesting to see how the first gear on the drag car looks after a few passes.  They tend to take quite a beating putting down over 6000lbs on the launch.

Cheaper too!

Not to be confused with their thick blue that is aggressive to the syncros and with that fluid I have witnessed a couple early syncro failures in customer gearboxes.

Anybody else running this?


  1. Nathan B says:

    have you looked at the useage of fluids like amsoil gear products?

  2. NickT says:

    I might try them if it is cheap under $12/Qt on this stuff.

  3. Sean P says:

    I think the thick blue is their “Shock Proof” fluids.

    I ran the MTL[70/80W]( for about 20k miles in my 97 ‘Dega. It made shifts smoother and quieted the transmissions down enough for me to hear my throwout bearing on its way out.

    Of course the factory fluid was in for 150K, so I’d imagine any new fluid was beneficial.

  4. giovanni valentino says:

    we’ve been using that tranny oil here in montreal for a long while and its simply the best one we have ever put in our cars, and our clients cars as well…

    • Dylan Southworth says:

      I used Redline MTL 75-90NS for my moms Subie and 1 qt of smurfblood aka Lightweight Shockproof. It made that tranny shift like butter. It has 208,000 on it. I’m looking at a concoction for my friends manual saab as he drove the subie and is infinitely jealous.

      Can you enlighten us how you selected your fluid Nick?

      (Smurfblood Concoction)

  5. Bogan says:

    I just bought some MT-85. Looking forward putting it in

    • Horia says:

      Where did you get it? It seems the only place is on the redline website and it’s expensive there… $14.50/quart + shipping…

    • NickT says:

      I pick it up by the case from our wholesale distributors. Price sounds about right. Only need 2 of them.

  6. Chris says:

    So Nick did you test this and the results? Do you recommend the MT-85 over the MTF0063?


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