Viggen Mod List

Current as of today 12.10 ;) Changes all the time.

> Specs
  • 2001 Saab 9-3 Viggen 3-Door Laser Red (1 of ~22)
  • Owner: Nick Taliaferro
  • Site:
  • 1/4 Mile: 12.43@114 (On gt28) < Current US Street car record holder.
  • 60ft: 1.78
  • Top Speed: Past 160mph (gt30)
  • Max Boost: 28 psi
  • Power E85: gt2871= 400whp, 400wtq / gt3071: 450whp, 450wtq > GT3076: 480whp, 430wtq
> Engine
  • JE pistons Ceramic Coated
  • Enem Cams 264 9.6mm
  • GT2871.64 or Gt3071.64  NOW Gt 3076.86
  • RC 750cc Injectors
  • Walbro 255 pump
  • Flex Fuel E85 or Premium Gas
  • Top Mount relocation Manifold (Taliaferro)
  • Full 3″ Stainless Exhaust with quick change muffler delete (T)
  • Open Air intake (T)
  • Ram airbox/ Foglight delete
  • Forge 007 Bypass Valve relocated to hot side (Green Spring)
  • Upgraded Intercooler
> Gearbox
  • 4.45 Final Drive
  • Short Shifter (T)
  • Quaife LSD
  • NT Reinforced Case
  • Short Ratio 5th Gear
  • Poly engine, rear and trans mounts (T)
  • 7.25″ Twin Disk Organic/Metallic clutch on Superlight flywheel (Custom Quartermaster for T)
  • Braided Clutch Line
  • 6-Puck Clutch / vig pressure plate (T)
  • Spec Aluminum flywheel
  • Stock 0063 gearbox fluid
  • Redline MT-85
> Chassis
  • Tires Kumho MX 225-45 18
  • Wheels BBS CH 18 x8 et40 w Saab Caps
  • Track Day: BFG R1 235-40 17 Slicks
> Front Susp
  • Race Outer control arm bushings (90a Extra hard) (T)
  • Sport Inner Urethane Bushings (T)
  • Poly Sway bar outer bushings (T)
  • Hardened Upper Strut Mounts (T)
  • Custom Coilover front setup (T)
  • 6-Point Subframe Brace (T)
  • Custom one off Upper Strut bar (T)
> Rear Susp
  • 22mm Rear Sway bar (T)
  • Custom Springs (T/Eibach)
  • Poly Rear Axle bushings (T)
  • Hatch Brace (T)
> Brakes
  • 330mm AP Racing 4 Piston
  • AP Racing Mintex 1144 Brake Pad
  • 300mm Rear Conversion.
  • RR Hawk Black track Pads or Street factory 9-5 pads
  • Goodridge Braided Brake lines
> Body
  • Custom Front Grille
  • Rear Spoiler Realcar Sweden
  • e-Code Blinkers
  • Euro Wide angle driver mirror
> Interior
  • Custom leather carbon steering wheel (T)
  • Innovate Wideband In Light Switch Hole
  • Taliaferro Shift boot
  • Billet “Viggen” Pedals (T)
  • Carbon Shift Knob -Rare Oem.
  • Carbon Dash < OEM not sticker
  • Alpine Headunit w ipod Interface
  • Peripheral Steering control interface
  • Alpine Sub Amp
  • JL 12″ Sub
  • Custom Wiring to stock door amp/speakers
  • Boston 6x9s in Rear


  1. Oscar Gonzalez says:

    Hi, i’m in a project whit a saab 900 1997 2.3 original n/a now turbo @10psi 237hp stock internals. i trying to fing information about how strong are the stock rods and the 5 spd. tranny, because i’ll made some upgrades in terms of turbo, pistons and some others with the goal of 300 may be some more. if you can help me on any way will be great. thanks

  2. r_hasler says:

    Osar, call Nick directly at GenuineSaab … friendly advice … great shop. Cheers.

  3. Denny Hall says:

    Nick, 9-7X has strange starting problem. Starter always turn slow at first, recent new battery, then as engine starts, sometimes a large spray of moisture emits from between front grill and radiator. I now have this event on film. Can I send to your site this jpeg film, and how? Local dealer not seen movie yet, but prior check of this problem revealed no answers? Thanks

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