Interested in Custom Konis for 9-3 w stiff coils??

Working with koni we can get hard valved single adjust (rebound only) front konis and also double adjustable (rebound and compression) dampers for the 9-3 with my coilovers. These are setup for stiffer springs. With a bit less droop and more compression travel.  Leave me a message if you are interested.   I am getting a set of the doubles for the red vig but wont be here for the show so I may have a set of low milage single adjust near cost.  Will basically be one track day is all.

Special one time price: Single $345/pr with Double $575/pr.


  1. Martin W says:

    Are Doubles adjustable on car as per regular adjustable Konis?
    How hard are your springs? I am running regular Koni struts with regular Koni adjustable shocks. I crank them up to max on the track and they seem to work fine. Just wondering whether Doubles would make much difference? The main problem with the Koni set is in the back. Fine on the track, but for the street the springs are too soft and
    bottom out with any kind of load in the back. Have you found a solution for that?
    My car: Yellow Viggen 2000 with just about every suspension handing option there is, plus LSD of course. Racing tires Toyo R888, 17, 235,40.

    • NickT says:

      Yes adjustable on the car. Setup for my coilover cars. These have stiffer springs for the application and need more damping.

      I have custom springs on all my NG/9-3s Viggen, drag car and NG900 project. Black viggen left here with my rear springs too. ;)

  2. Martin W says:

    I would really like to test drive your car on the road before ordering a set. Would that be possible at the convention?(:
    Looking forward to your seminar.

    • NickT says:

      Sure should be able to arrange at least a ride. The Vig is quite fun to drive.

  3. Martin W says:

    A ride would be great. I will miss the track day but will try to introduce myself during the meeting. Will enter my Yellow Viggen in people’s choice. It is hard to miss.

  4. MartinW says:

    Could we revisit this thread? My adjustable Konis are getting little too soft for track use. I would be interested in some kind of rebuild or upgrade without switching over to the coilovers. I would also like to install camber plates to adjust the alignment on the front.
    What are my options?

  5. dustin church says:

    i have koni sport struts and shocks and 1.5” drop springs and i want to go lower will this help me?

    • NickT says:

      No If all you want to do is rub fenders we can do coilovers on sport dampers. Won’t handle much better but will be low.

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