SOC Track Day…

Leaning on the Rs…  Will get more up soon.   Red vig had a birthday on the track turned 25k , rolled 20K in Michigan coming back from the racetrack. Johnny Del’s Flickr feed

More photos from an unknown source. Left that cat in must have some meaning.

1700miles on the truck,  Sure not Viggen seats. :)   Huge thanks to all that attended the seminar and set through it.  ;)     You can always email me via nick at this site.   Still trying to claw out from under a an extra weeks work.  Delivering another 400whp viggen today.  3full days of tuning on the dyno. Lowest air temp was 100f.


  1. MartinW says:

    This car look great on (and off) the track. Sorry, that I missed the track event.

  2. Scott says:

    It was great being on the track with you and Ed. The car looks and sounds phenomenal.

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