Drag car meet Roadrace slicks.

With the long weekend I got another gearbox built.   Quiafe F35 lsd, 4.45 final, short5th gear and a few other tricks.

Put my roadrace slicks on it and headed out.  It was only 95 air temp.  ;)     This chassis setup surely does not like the stiff wall slicks.  It is not “right” at full power.  Feels just like a stock viggen wallow but at a much higher frequency.  I left the gopro at the shop and holding the iphone was not working too well.  It was all I could do to keep it out of the dirt trying to sneak up on full power.    Either way ~75miles and no problems with the gearbox or the motor even with the record heat.    The car is surprisingly drivable considering it is 700whp in a 2500lb shell.

Digging into the steering rack as the next project.  Pretty sure all of the problems are based there.


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