9-3 SS Getting a new manifold

IMG_2209This was on Steves CAD desk yesterday.  Should be cut from 1/2 Steel and ready for Adam to start fabbing the manifold this week.   Makes quick work having the original prints from GM so we are 100% right without the reverse engineering tolerance issues.

The B207R is getting at least a Gt30  it fits easily,  Might get crazy and throw the 3076 or something like that on it.  Have to see how wild it gets.    Spare block is coming from GOLDWING  Will get JE pistons and probably some mild cams/ other head work to turn some revs.   This 440 has all the suspension and trans upgrades to handle some fun power.  When you get out of 700hp and back in the 320hp its just not enough.. Even though 320hp is a decent amount.. 

-Nick T

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