Center caps for BBS 52mm Wheels

IMG_0074 We wedged this into the machine shop schedule today. Had a bit of free time on the Haas Lathe. Not sure where we are headed with the logos yet but the caps fit. They have an o-ring retainer.   Should minimum have a Viggen Logo for customers, My car will most likely have my script name.  Going to try some epoxy based color inlays too.    I am sure there are others out there tired of the broken tabs on the plastic BBS caps.


  1. SRS900S says:

    Any chance you’ll be making these in different diameters for non-BBS wheels? With a Griffin-head? Maybe in titanium to prevent road salt corrosion (one can hope)?

  2. Slug says:

    Nick, will these fit the 17″ Saab BBS RKI/II rims? My center caps are delaminating and replacements are hard to find.

    • NickT says:

      We have the Large BBS/Saab caps in stock for those. These are the smaller caps.

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