More Tx mods

Fitted the Hirsch Grille over lunch.     Reward for a 20hr dyno day Saturday.. ;)   Quite a pain to fit on the newer bumpers.    Also a pic of the torque rod insert I have been running since I picked it up.  Takes away some of the slop, improves the on off feel.    Should have some of these for sale soon fitting XWD 6-speed v6.  If you want one sooner just drop an email.     Also fitted the Shifter mount kit.  Always amazes me the reward for that cheap upgrade.

IMG_2510  IMG_2509  IMG_2505

While in I threw it on the scales just to see…   No more tacobell for this girl!  3788# with 1/2 tank of fuel.  The auto combi must be tanks.  No wonder the mileage is poor.   Interesting to see the classic saab 60/40 front weight bias.   Moving the battery to the trunk should help. That last one just shows a peek at what we are working on.

IMG_2508 IMG_2506  engine model copy


  1. Scott Moore says:

    Very nice. I like your technology, like the scale you demonstrate. I just keep adding to my wish list!

  2. Mark Marcon says:

    Co-incidentally installing the Hirsch 3 piece grill(e) tomorrow. Along with some other bits and pieces…Maptun intercooler too (that was something to truck back from Sweden — hand luggage NOT!). Actually, I think my local garage has placed an order with you to get some silicone hoses in respect of and I hope they’re ready for tomorrow :).

  3. Bart says:

    Yes, the Sport Combi Auto is a Tank, but I still love her. Excited to see new parts coming to improve the car and make it even heavier!

    • NickT says:

      I looked for a while before giving in and snagging this 4d. Now there have been a few.

      Just going to need more go ;)

  4. Scott Moore says:

    Nick – formula for the the effect of moving that battery on center of gravity:
    (component weight)*(move distance- inches)/(vehicle weight)

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