TurboX Strut bar done.

Got the strut bar for my Turbo X done friday.  Nice gains.  Feels like I added a pound or two to the tires.  The stock engine cover still fits.




  1. Mark Marcon says:

    Superb work, NIck– keep it comin’! Thinking of a ‘Turbo X Rescue Package’ :) [Strut bar; Coolant overflow tank; Subframe brace- 2pt.]

    • Sapan says:

      Does the STB work with the stock coolant tank or only yours?

    • NickT says:

      The stock tank leaves very little room for a substantial strut bar. I also am not ok with it holding the hood up. (Needs to be below the gasket level)

  2. James says:

    Nick! when will these Turbo X strut bars be available on Genuine Saab to buy?

    I’d definitely buy one. I bought your Turbo X downpipe and midpipe, so you know I’m serious.

    Please let the American Saab public know! :-)

    Thank You

  3. CJ says:

    Are you going to be marketing the coolant tank, and strut tower bar anytime soon? I’ve been wanting a strut bar that’s actually made for the v6 for a while now.

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