Tulsa Aftermath…

So we had some great luck on friday then after trailering the car all the way to tulsa for the last close IFO race this year the car laid down.. We fought fuel and clutch issues all day. Cleaned the fuel filter and overfilled the tank and that helped the power but the clutch was not ok with it. There was a bunch of carnage once we got towed off. And the ironic part is that we still got in the money! Covered fuel costs but certainly not the broken stuff. At this point we do not have a better clutch option from spec and are working towards developing some with a more advanced oem level manufacturer.
Carnage pics here: ClutchBoom

The rest of the photos can be found here: TulsaGallery

Video of the first pass a slow 11.8 Youtube Video Link Nice to be able to see the gauges. The car was 2 degrees toe in before! We set it straight up for now.

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