Custom 3″ Exhaust for the Viggen

Looking to see if there was any interest in the custom 3″ we made for the viggen. Sounds great. It has a unique quick change rear muffler that swaps to a straight pipe in under a minute. This way you can throw on the straight pipe and go cause some trouble without having to deal with the noise on a daily basis. :) Some more pics in the Gallery


  1. Daniel S. says:

    This is exactly what I am looking for/interested in doing with my Viggen. What would we expect the pricing to be for this system?

  2. NickT says:

    Shoot me an email nick@ this site..

    Certainly not a cheap system as you can see. Full stainless tig welded. Not an economy JT for sure. We just did one for a customer car too so I can lookup the cost for you.

  3. mike watson says:

    If i add this to my stock viggen will it lose power due to less back pressure? Hey you just sent a upgraded ecu to a Mr willard in va beach, virginia(99 viggen). Their ecu went bad.

    • NickT says:

      Yep helped the out with their broken factory ECU.. Couldn’t leave it stock power either so turned it up for him a bit. Just a stg.75 or something.
      3″ exhaust would be overkill but not hurt anything. Anything to help lower the backpressure improves turbo response.

  4. mike watson says:

    Want to know what is all needed to get my stock 02 convert viggen just north of 300hp.

  5. sam ireti says:

    l am interested in item. will it fit my 2000 viggen and how much is it? get back to me.

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