Mounts and Steering

Putting some miles on the 2.3i car to test both the new steering mods and the prototype rear mount. Shown here is an early version.. just dirty to test the design. We are at r4 or r5 now and real close to production. That we have reached this point on the 2.3 with no balance shafts and a harder than production trans mount is nice. Now I need a few people willing to beta test them once we get some more made up. You will have to report back to me. Also you must be willing to swap the mount possibly more than once. At least a stg3 car with my trans mount too. Leave a message in the comments or email me: nick at this site. This mount is not aimed at the Full race but more your everyday sportscar needing more than the stock rear mount. But not as far as our full race mount that would be too rough for a daily driver.

The steering modifications are quite ok on the street. We might need to put just a touch more toe in it like stock or replace the bushings with poly. Certainly doing this to my Viggen next. Maybe not so aggressive of a change but it makes the car feel quite unlike any NG900/9-3 I have driven. I was thinking with the rest of the mods it should make quite a package. -N


  1. John Lyons says:

    Are you looking for 2.3i testers of the mount then or can us 2.0 turbo guys test it too? If so I have a stage3 1999 9-3 with your trans mount and all polly up front except the steering rack bushings.

  2. Dylan Southworth says:

    Nick I know 2 Stage 3 Cars that would be willing to prototype for your new mount. 1 is a 97 900SET Vert and the other is a 99 9-3. I would like to prototype as well but I only have a stage 1 car at the moment but have the poly auto trans mount and OEM Engine/rear mounts. If you want to talk further my email is soutdc03 AT uwgb DOTedu

  3. Castor Troy says:

    I’m very excited to be a beta tester for these. Cant wait!!

  4. Hey nick i have the green ’96 5 speed swap car in st louis and was wondering if you needed anymore testers for this mount, i dont have any aftermarket mounts but its a stage 3 car.

  5. Sean Pomeroy says:

    I have a 97 900 SET (STG3) that would be more then happy to help beta test. Currenlty have all of your suspension poly and braces along with your engine/trans mounts and the rear diesel mount. Also have your short shifter.

  6. NickT says:

    WOW Thats more interest than expected. I will contact you guys in the coming week or two and let you know what is going on.

  7. David DelTorto says:

    01 9-3 stage 4 with all the poly bushings and trans mount. My car is driven hard and also has your coilovers and the braces. I’d really like to test the rear mount.

  8. John A. says:

    I’ll test one for you Nick.

  9. Zaid-M says:

    Nick, I’d test one too, but I’ve just managed to get an updated diesel mount – one of only 3 in stock, in the UK ! But willing to give it a go if you need a UK Test Bed: ’99 9-3 viggen coupe – about to go under the knife for a stage 3/4 conversion

  10. Nick Shields says:

    I’ve got a stage 3 ’94 900 with the poly trans and engine mounts that would just love to test this new rear mount

  11. Giovanni Valentino says:

    hey nick im willing to test that mount as well, i got a garage for saabs with my uncle and i got many interested clients however i will be the only one testing it if you want. i got a 1999 9-3 Coupe, stage 3 tune with a 3″ DP, i got the viggen clutch and pressure plate from you, urethane engine mount and transmission mount and suspension bushings, Koni shocks and springs except 6pt and trunk. Will to give you photo feedbacks on installation and im running on some of the worst roads in north america, MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada, we are known for our pots holes, and crazzy driving styles! let me know! thanks alot

  12. Moosepuck says:

    I’d like to test one! Have all your other goodies on my 97 vert, 2.3 no balance shafts, bought your race mount but haven’t installed it yet. I’ll trade it back for one of these! oh, and it’s a stage 5+… HX35


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