Black Viggen Is on the dyno. Just starting to open it up. Video On Youtube VigDark Dyno

NG900 Project car; We are still fighting the clutch. But not spending much time on it. Trying to get the rest of the projects done.

New rear motor mount prototype parts were picked up from the waterjet contractor.  Still waiting on fasteners so those should be welded up early next week.  The raw parts looked neat so heres a pic. Also some new round pointy things coming out of R&D they have 38 teeth and 4140 alloy steel is the material. ;)

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  1. zef95 says:

    Man, I love waterjet parts. How thick is that material? Looks like a good 1/2″ but I can’t tell the scale.

    Man, if only you did so many cool things for the 9-5.

    Oh wait, then I would actually have to scrape up the money to buy them…

    I’m waiting for one of these days where a road trip takes me by your shop. It’ll be like visiting Santa’s factory.

    Can’t wait to see the end result!

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