Swapping Brakes

Wanting to take the red -94 project car to the strip with it’s new mods to see how it goes I had to swap brakes. The slicks are 15″ and require the 288mm or smaller brakes. I pulled the base 9-3 brakes off the Viggen along with the hawk HPS This left me with the like new 330mm AP racing brakes to replace my used up WP 336s that were on Viggen.

The AP on the NG900 with the stock tiny rear brakes and std booster stopped very well. If anything they were over sensitive and were a bit hard to modulate on the street tires. The Vig still on the 300mm rears with the hawk track pads and the 288s stopped surprisingly ok. Now it should stop very well, if not too aggressive.

With the lip on the Bordet wheels it took a 6mm spacer to get them to clear and that only made the fender rubbing in the front worse. As expected it is better with the spacer out. The BBS CH clear the AP with lots to spare thankfully.

Only major issue I found during this was the front lines on the AP were dangerously short. Tight with maybe 80% turning! So I have to get Goodridge to make some custom lines. The lines from My vig were plenty long even with my steering mod. More on that last part later. ;)

The reds sure clash…


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