Viggen Flys again.

Runs again on the Gt2871.  Just putting miles on it with baseboost and under 4500rpm. .  Even there it feels quick. The new brakes are very impressive!  The pedal feel as expected is a touch grabby.  Might need to swap to a std 9-3 booster/master cyl.   If only the 245s from my Aero would fit on this car.  As soon as we get a 10.999 with the 2.0L Gt3071 that turbo will come back to the viggen and the new target will be made.


  1. Jack Mac says:

    Hi there, Very Nice cars you have here. I was just wondering what kind of rims are on your drag NG900?
    They look very good on the car

    • NickT says:


      The drag car has 17″ Viggen wheels painted Gold. The slicks are on 15″ OE Saab wheels

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