Drag Car Adventures

Finding a few spare minutes out of the week we were able to get the drag car back on the road with the new twin disk 7.5″ clutch and four speed f25. It also has the new style race rear mount and short shifter. ( We stole shifter housing for a customer. SEND BACK CORES!)  The deleted balance shafts, 2.0 L short stroke and the super light new flywheel make it rev change perfect and quick. The lower inertia of the small clutch disks and gears really show.  On the street it was sick! Dropping effortlessly into gear at any speed.  Steve agreed, ;)  big smiles on everyone. The old e85 made it even better with the popping and fireballs. So decided to make the Dragstrip. Going without a trailer.  Threw the tires / tools in the truck. 10 gal of fresh E85 to add at the track and drove there ~30min. Car is civil in rush hour traffic. Bit more pedal pressure than a B235R but ok. Open down pipe is a bit much is all.  Very fast even just cracking the throttle.  We get there and the tracks packed. Big boys and the shootout cars.  Stand behind a few in the starting line. Close, Back like 4 ft. :). Ok. Thanks for dragging me up there!   My sponsor Dyno  billboard is sick but not up yet. Ok. We decide to head home. Steve drives this time I get the truck,  just leaving we stop at the light next to a chick in an Acura. Ear to ear grins around. Steve just barely gets on it. Sounds great. Good fireball on the one two shift. Can’t even hear the turbo yet. Then sparks and a fluid trail. What! I know right! WTF. Found on road hot: one b204 rod cap, one rod bearing flat, 4qts gtx, one driveshaft bracket a tow truck and you get the rest… Reason for everything.  Right Ed?  Would have been in the doghouse for oiling the track on a big night.
The 9mm stock rob bolts are pretty sturdy but accumulated stress caught up with us or we did more damage last year when the last Spec setup exploded.  Either way at least the clutch and gearbox troubles are going away.  Now time to build a B205 based motor with some technology.
Supercharged viper tuning on the dyno in HD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJMu5TiAaCI and twin turbo lsx nova with the headers glowing after that..  Some sweet video of the drag car :
Video: Drag Car

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Somethings Missing
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Oh there it is in the oil pan…

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