Front Springs

The suspension is finally getting closer to race ready. The blue part there is new springs with adjustable ride height. Also by doing it this way I was able to choose my own spring rates. These are much harder than factory. The added stiffness helps with roll in the corners. This helps keep the camber from going negative and chewing the tires allowing lower tire pressures that help traction. I cannot wait till the next autocross. During “testing” on the street feel is completely different. It is of course harder and tends to crash a little over bumps. The 18s do not help this too. I stil cannot get over the steering response change. Now the balance is a bit off, the rear springs need stiffened up just a bit to get it back. Now to work back towards a “normal’ street sport spring rate for most of the cars out there. Once cool part over most cars and the one place that our goofy steering rack helps is with the center placed pickups and very long tie rods there is little toe change with ride height adjustment. We will have to wait till the 9th / 10th to see how it does on the track.

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