Rear brake pads

Continuing the brake stories.
After trying the Hawk HP+ rear pads also known as Hawk Blacks, a mild race pad I can announce that they will not be sold on the GenuineSaab site. The performance is great but they squeal horrible. :) I originally installed them to help with the undersized brakes before the huge fronts. With 308mm fronts it was possible to fade the factory rear 9-5 pads. This was only a band-aid solution and now with the big fronts I am going to go back to stock 9-5 rears since the fronts now do their job.
After getting used to the superpower brakes I may put the grippy pads back on the rear but will try and see if the stock pads cut it now. Until the power is uppped once again and the fronts will no longer be capable.

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