Steering Rod Bushings

ArmBushings.jpgAfter seeing quite a few cars with excessive wear on the inner bushings I decided it was time to work on a replacement. The factory bushings are only available with the arms $$$.. Well a few hours in the machine shop and a little urethane later i had some decent prototypes to try.
I decided to install them in my Viggen since it has about 20K miles no wear was expected. I found a decent about of wear on the factory bushings which was a little amazing in this short time. I would guess that many of the higher mileage cars are far worse.
The actual install was pretty easy took a leisurely 30 min. Basic hand tools. I used a long 10mm bolt and a 34mm 1/2″ drive socket to pull the old bushings from the arms. This is probably not necessary for the higher mileage cars. Installation was very easy once the old ones were out. I did it with the car on the ground making it a little harder than necessary. It took a helper to get the arms aligned and the bolts into the steering gear. Used a little thread locker there too just as a precaution.
Initial feelings are improved on center feel and less of the mushy steering response. I will see after the road trip to StLouis tomorrow.

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