Clutch system

I am sure not many have seen anything like this. A Pushbutton clutch actuator that has 100% fail back to std pedal.  Used it back in highschool on my -78 99 autocross car after killing my clutch knee.  This one is a bit fancier, had $250 budget this time around. ;)  Co2 Tank provides around 1600 or so shifts.   For now the activation switch is pretty basic and built into the shift lever. Speed regulation is 100% down and adjustable return. Works great and a quick twist of the adjuster is all it takes to match it to the conditions.  Next up is a force sensor on the pedal and a simple micro controller to limit the pedal pressure. Arduino etc. Tried it with a basic Stamp in the 99 but the ignition noise from the MSD always messed it up.  Also need to add a T into the line and a hose so the tires can be aired up.  Also the 3/8″ air gun should be nice on the tank and stil get the job done at the racetrack.

Heres the video from the first drive. Grab the HD if you cant see the pedal clear.

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