Drag Car B205 Motor Details

Got some time to check valve celarances in the new drag car motor this afternoon as steven was making pulls on the dyno. Just as I thought, there is plenty of valve clearance with this low compression. Running the same 276 enem cams.   Knowing we will be overrevving this motor that was important to check.  We are also running the b2x5 gasket. Not only is it modern MLS construction but it is a fair bit thinner than the old b2x4 gaskets.  The displacement is nothing fancy ~2.0L.  Head is std t5 with only a little grinding. We did put a new set of springs in since the last set went two years plus. More on the rest later.

Oh and since someone will ask, WHY? well I had a pile of blownup b205s here.  No 2x4s.. So after tearing apart 3 cores to get enough parts a 205 it is.

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