Drag car B205 Dyno Data

Some very interesting data from the dyno with my new B205 setup.  Got the motor built and installed in 2 evenings. Quite a few hours on the dyno this weekend (between paying customer dyno cars) trying to sort out the oddness.

Ran the 3071.64 with the medium cams on my viggen and made 450whp, on the drag car with the 2.0 and Big cams made 540whp.  Now fitted the 3076.86 on the viggen and made 480 on low boost.  The 76 on the drag car made 480, whether high boot, low or at various cam timing. Could get less but never more.  Thinking it was the new B205 lower compression 8.8 down from 9.2 I swapped the 3071 back on.  Instantly we were back at 500. Little playing and we had 570whp  Fuel for the 500 so have to sort that first.  I have some ideas of what is going on looking at exh manifold pressure etc.  Here is a bit of the data.

B205 with 3071.64 and 276 cams. Comparing 3071.64 to 3076.86 on the B205B205 3071 Pressures

Hoping to get the fuel sorted out this week. The dual rail manifold is fitted but unused. Found out the china copy -044 is not up to the task of feeding the 1000s with raised base pressure at this boost. The injectors are happy into the higher pressures so the simple solution is new genuine -044. When I do that will also plumb the second rail of injectors. Running 465/630s low and 1000s up top. Activating the top set at 3500rpm or so and staying sequential.

New clutch is the 7.25″ Been testing the organic disks in my street car but for drag use we need the metallic disks. They sure grab! The guys also did some other mods to the car ;) More on that later.

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