Fuel pump; China BS copy vs Genuine Bosch

In my drag car we have a  Walbro 255 in the tank with a -6 feed line through a filter up to a Bosch -044 on the firewall with another -6 to the rail.   We started having fueling problems above 500whp with the 100os @ 100dc. Fuel is E85 pump.  http://genuinesaab.com/gallery/FuelPumps


You can see the fuel supply fall off. It should follow manifold pressure exactly.  Still not perfect.   We had about 30psi feed to the china 044 so it was just that pump.

And the pumps  China Junk is on the left. You can even see the printing is generic dot matrix not dedicated stamp.  There  are more in the album at the link.  They did a good job but there are some distinct differences. Steel vs brass terminals, the upper crimp, the inlet size and the sound running. The china sounded weak.

IMG_0782 IMG_0785 IMG_0778

Make sure you get a real one from a Bosch dealer.  There is too much junk out there from criminals that are stealing some others intellectual property.
Now we can work on plumbing the second fuel rail.


  1. Martin W says:

    Wow! That’s a revelation. Both have “made in Germany” stamp?

    • NickT says:

      Actually the real one is made in Czech Republic. You can see it in the pics. Click for a larger one.

  2. Brian O says:

    I got a conterfit walbro 255 pump from walbro 255.com beware.The pump looked like a real pump the case was shinny.Put it in my car drove it home next day car would not start.towed it back to my shop,pump motor was dead.Got a real one the bigest differance in apperance was the fake did not have the pattent # stamped on the case,also where the case is penned to the body it did not have lines around the dimple.


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