Proper way to tighten struts

This is the proper way to tighten struts but without any special tools. The fancy socket there is a 13/16″ Sparkplug socket with the rubber insert removed. Turn the socket with the flats on the outsised using a wrench, in this case 7/8″ Now the tricky parts is using the 1/4″ drive 6 point socket to hold the strut top. A breaker bar would be better here but a ratchet will do just fine also. All these tools were in my basic Craftsman tool kit I have at home. This eliminates the risk of either damaging the strut mount by tearing it with turing torque or over-tightening the strut top. Also make sure to use the Koni supplied nut to hold the damper in the upright on the NG900/9-3. Using the original nut will ruin the damper. The new one tightens with a pin spanner and is commonly left loose causing noise. Hope this helps you.

Ready for action

Exploded View

“Too Tight.. Not warranty” This customers mechanic kept tightening the top nut to fix a clunk he caused by leaving the large lower nut loose that holds the damper in!

Thanks, Nick Taliaferro


  1. cascade says:

    just exactly what i was thinking about ..but was looking for some advice before the job..thank you very much!

  2. crawdad says:

    For my ’97 900 set, I just got a 24 mm deep socket and a 1/2″ socket adapter (or it could be another socket that fits your torque wrench) welded at the local muffler shop for $5. Your price may vary!

  3. EM says:

    The 13/16 sparkplug socket is pretty loose over the 19mm top nut. A 3/4″ sparkplug socket fits that nut almost perfectly, but the 11mm socket will not fit inside the 3/4″ socket…

    Is it not a big deal how loose the 13/16 socket is on the 19mm nut ? I guess if you don’t want to torque it up too much it should hold enough before it starts to round off the edges…

    Or is something not right here?

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