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To: All Customers, Dealers and Upgrade Technicians
From: N. Taliaferro
Date: 04/10/03 , updated 08/13/03
Re: Upgrade Pre-Installation Procedures.

Install Requirements
Before installing any upgrades it is imperative to be sure the vehicle is in proper shape. This includes standard preventative maintenance along with proper fuel quality. With these ECM and hardware changes it is also wise to shorten the service intervals for some components. This is due to the increased stresses on the powertrain.

You are already running premium in your turbo right?! You should be! For proper adaptation and fuel consumption it is necessary to use only 92 octane or higher unleaded fuel. These computers retain all of the necessary safety functions to allow you to use somewhat lower octane in a pinch. Use the highest octane fuel available for maximum performance and economy from your turbocharged Saab. Also be sure this fuel requirement is met prior to installing your upgrades.

Along with fuel proper spark plugs are critical to the functioning of theTrionic engine management system. In cars with Dirdect Ignition it is important to use the NGK BCPR7ES-11 . On the 9-5 originally equipped with BCPR6ES-11 it is wise to upgrade to 7 heat range. Also factory platinum plugs may NOT be used ex; PFR6H-10 . All plugs should be inspected / changed at 20K mile intervals. More sparkplug info

All upgrades are shipped with reusable high flow air filters. Make sure the “DO Not Destroy” stickers are displayed to prevent unneeded replacement. Follow manufacturer guidelines for renewing the filters. Reoil only completely dry element.

Engine oil and oil service interval are very important to the life of your turbocharger. We recommend Mobil Semi-Synthetic 5-30 7500 for moderate upgrades and 15-50 Full Synthetic for hard use. Change intervals of 3-5 thousand miles. This is of course depending on service conditions. Use only Factory Saab Black Oil Filters.

With the added engine power output it is also wise on 94 and later vehicles to upgrade the manual transmission oil to the newest specification Saab MTF0063 for the ultimate service life.

For automatic vehicles more frequent fluid changes are also necessary. The required interval will vary with your driving style. It is best to inspect the fluid at every oil change. Also it is necessary to use a high quality fluid that meets Saab specifications.

Since your Saab is more than just an engine, it is a complete system. It is wise to balance the new engine performance with at least an inspection. For some drivers stock brake components are best. For others upgraded friction material will suffice. There is one last group that will want to completely upgrade the brakes to Autobahn grade components. We can help you decide which option is best for you and we can supply all necessary components.

Be sure your tires can provide the necessary traction. Also if you are going to break the law, be sure your tires are up to the task. Nobody wants a high-speed blowout.

At the risk of offending anyone, if I haven’t already. Make sure you are prepared to handle the new power. We encourage you to join your local Sports Car Club of America ( chapter to enhance the limits of your driving and experience those of your “new” Sports Tuned Saab.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Reading your comments on spark plugs are you saying that the PFR6H-10 are exception to the NGK BCPR7ES-11? Or don’t use the 6H-10 at all?

    Thanks Nick,



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