New lighter wheels.

From the recent Saab accessory sale picked up these 17s real cheap.  Fitted some old takeoff 215-45 P-Zero Neros. Saving for some 235s in the spring. These are a bit small. The shorter tires further help acceleration and brake.  Had to fit a -99 brake hose without the extra venturi booster to take away a little brake assist, they were a bit too much in the city.  Most likely these will get the race tires, fair bit lighter than the CH.  But hey my Chs are all still true. Cant say the same for the lightweight OZs.


Plenty of clearance without spacers even for the 330mm AP.



  1. Lucian says:

    thumbs up!

  2. Greg Kam says:

    Hey Nick, that’s not what you meant by pics of the ‘vert’ on TrollTuner was it…? hah!

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