2.3i Trionic (Project Update)

So the much abused and neglected 2.3i project car got some attention.  Mostly a dyno mule, but we need to put more miles safely on the road this year.   Fitted airbags and washer system to get it road worthy.  This one with the fast steering and tuned motor is a blast to drive. My favorite lunch or mountain bike car.

While Dusty was in swapping the dash we added a Turbo instrument assy to go along with the t5 swap.  Unfortunately even though the Shift up and CE light are wired the Turbo gauge is not. We had to add 2 wires from the Bulkhead connector to the instrument. Signal from T5 and signal Ground from body.  Now we have a Turbo gauge  that never reads boost.. :)   We might even wash it!      Have to get it ready for the next project.  Will be intake related and apply to the Turbos as well.

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