Ultimate Viggen daily? 350Ftlbs and 390whp

StreetViggenWith the idea of keeping the torque reasonable to protect the drivetrain and make it a monster still this is where I ended up.  The car would easily make 400Ftlbs at the wheel on a flat 20psi.  Safe but past what the street tires would hold.  With the flat torque the car just pulls harder and harder as the HP builds.  Making quite a sneaky fast car.  Without the torque peak of a stock turbo or the 18t.  Also the low ~16psi boost at 100f air temps will help the car to perform in the desert.  The horspower is ending up around 385/390 at the wheels!  All keeping peak boost under 20Psi.  Something that will make power all day long without worry.   The 750CC injectors have plenty of extra margin.  The manifold helps the high rpm flow without the need to run larger kams and kill the fuel mileage. There are a few tricks here and there in the hardware.  One interesting thing, this is all through a BSR catback and stock airbox/ filter.  With a vert keeping the noise down is important in a daily driver these certainly help.  This one sounds like a jet at full power.   More videos from the road this weekend.    Here was a quick teaser video.  Another Top Mount Viggen Teaser Now to fine tune the TQ limiters so we can protect 1/2 then work on the gas mapping.


  1. John Williams says:

    I have to give credit where credit is due, that is one nice flat torque curve! Its nice to see tuning done where peak numbers are not always the goal and in the end, that will be a very fun car to drive. Something a little different from the hard hitting torque we all know. Good Job

  2. Greg Kam says:

    Nick, I’m very excited to rekindle my love for this car. You guys are awesome! Again, your family is the main reason I will always have at least one SAAB in the stable. See you tomorrow.

  3. Greg Kam says:

    Wow, once again you’ve taken a car that I loved and flung it to that next step. This car is ‘dirty.’
    Torque…always there, with no drop off anywhere. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the redline until I get used my usual shift points, because there is simply no let up to shift by.
    ;) THANK YOU

  4. NickT says:

    Just shift it by the end of the tach. Appreciate the opportunity to build you a monster. Hope you made it home no tickets, no jail. ;) Going to need some new tires soon!

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