Clutch Selection NG900/9-3

This should help with clutch selection.  This is just a guide based on my actual experiences.  Ultimate life will depend on driving style, boost regulation and breakin given.  Should at least help most with clutch selection.  This is one place where overkill is not always the best idea.  Certainly not an absolute but way closer than the baloney from another clutch MFG, I’ll post those emails sometime.

This applies to Stock Viggen pressure plate and Viggen disk or VIG plate and my custom disks by clutchnet.  The Twin is my Quartermaster 7.25″ two disk. race setup like in the red vig and drag car.   Just a bit of background on the capacity methodology.   One example is the Stg1 combo,  We tested this to 400Ftlbs @wheel with no slip so gave it a rating of 350 at wheels.

Stock Pressure plate (This includes Spec blue painted stock ones) should not be run past 7000rpm EVER, That means 6800 max since there is a 200 cushion in trionic.  The plate deflects considerably.  Running them over this is a great safety risk.  We experienced multiple dowel pin failure and plate explosion on the drag car as we found this out. Cost a few gearboxes, flywheels etc…


Some of the broken junk… Scratch that, call it Experience..  Yeah thats what it is.. :(


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