2.3i Dyno Results Day1

23iTHrottleB202s.jpgSo played on and off today with the NA on the dyno.  First baselined it a few runs.  This setup is dead repeatable.

After that fitted my 70mm Throttle body. (Robbed it off the drag car) 5 min swap with coolant deleted.   Picked up a good 5whp across the board!  Then fitted the B202 86-90 camshafts to the same timing as before.  Lost all we gained.  So then set off on a fishing expedition with cam timing.  Swapped it a few times, You can see we ended in the mid 30s for dyno runs!

So all in all 145 whp is quite a ways in on the 2.3i but with the short 4.45 gears and the instant response the extra 10-20 whp up top should make it a blast to drive.    Very excited to see how the new head helps.   Might even try a sports exhaust instead of this vig original.

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