1. Lucian says:

    looks indeed very clean!
    thumbs up for the Koni adjusting tops (are those ready to ship?)

  2. Zaid-M says:

    Any hope of such an item being available for those of us who drive on the other side of the road? (Right hand drive Viggens)

    Nr. Stonehenge, UK

    • NickT says:

      We might do a group buy for a run of some RHD braces.

  3. mike900 says:

    Count me in for a RHD please…100%

  4. Zaid-M says:

    Cool, any idea of time scale ?

    Nr Stonehenge, UK

    • NickT says:

      We could do a group buy. Need one person to test fit it on the three models, t5,t7 and vig. Then go from there.

  5. mike900 says:

    Hi Nick,

    Did you have any luck with the RHD testing? I’d still love one of these for the Vig if they become available…. even if it’s just as a test mule.

    Let me know if I can help.

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