Some recent out-of-town cars

Some recent cars that were a ways from home out here for upgrades.

IMG_1961 IMG_1964 Stage 1 Nordic and strut brace on this Sweet XWD 9-3x from New Jersey.   Under 10K miles too.

IMG_1843 IMG_1845 Had to put loaner wheels on this one from New York to replace his studded snows so I could custom tune it on the dyno! Even let him run it around on my tires with the new power.   That was a first.  haha.

IMG_1582Local M3 in for Suspension setup. Including corner weighing.  This was a local customer but fit into this category.

IMG_1915 IMG_1914 This one from Arizona we tuned with Nordic.  The owner said it was GRRReat.

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