9-3ss Manifold for Gt30 done…

They managed to fit all the puzzle pieces togeter to wedge the GT30 in the B207.  Should be in the 400hp range on E85 as soon as we find time to build a motor for it.    Will be a basic build.  Cams, Pistons etc.

IMG_2307  IMG_2308


  1. John A says:

    That looks beautiful! Lol it should be more exciting installing that manifold than the topmount on the B235 and B205.

  2. Matt says:

    That is beautiful welding.
    Inspiration for any novice welder.

  3. jamie mccahill says:

    hi can you tell me where you got that header made,i really need one.


  4. Stephen Johann says:

    What ever happened to this car? I would love to discuss B207r stuff with you as I live in Missouri as well. GM tech here.

    • NickT says:

      Till here just deciding where to go. Whether we throw more money at it with a 11,000 Rpm head and standalone or go back as it is and sell it.. The TurboX with XWD and Elsd plus the V6 is a bigger interest for the crumbs I have been saving up.

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