V6 Xwd Front Pipe…


TIG welded in Stainless with smooth transition to stock 65mm Slip fitting.  In this case off road “Race” version with no second cat. Not shown is the heat shield for the transfer case.    Ran it all weekend.  No noises etc.  Seems that ecu adapted back after a few miles.  Need to work on ME9 when I have time.  The welding jigs are done for this pipe, with costs and production starting later in the week.

IMG_2398  Steve bolted on a 2pnt while waiting on Adam to get it welded.  Should help keep the transfer case out of the ground when my father takes it offroading, not the fuel tank or spoiler that hang lower.   Also a couple poly engine mounts are curing right now.    The supplies have been ordered to relocate the battery ;)  But thats only needed for phase 2.    The rest I will share when its done.  Probably already shared too much.



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  2. PJ says:

    your exhausts are so nice!! id love a turbo x with all your upcoming products;)

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