Delivery pipe took out brake master on a 710whp Saab

Interesting mess on the Dyno when this happens north of 30psi. Brake fluid everywhere. On the road that would have been a ride. 20110926-111326.jpg

Oh it also made 710whp on a bit less boost than before with the stock head and intake.  Used the t5 manifold with larger runners off the 2.3NA project car and the t5/7 CNC head with uprated springs from my Viggen.  Youtube Video

The best part is that it was on the piston that ATE 2 valve guides at the dragstrip.. I just used a mill file and smoothed the old piston, knicking the chucks of iron out of the sides… Reused the rings even, bore was a bit ugly but not horrible. Might have made more with fresh rings. Haha..


  1. Lucian says:

    Damn… Another confirmation to your advice we should stick with the stock delivery pipe!!!

  2. James from Seattle says:

    Holy smokes! Glad it wasn’t on the open road…
    A little OT – My brake master is in constant compression from the 1st gen. GS strut bar – any plans to create a beefier resevoir for a Viggen?

  3. Trollhättan Bil says:

    The earlier model turbo Saabs (’80’s era) used to incorporate the use of (dog bone shaped) braces that would tie one piece of piping to the other…perhaps an idea to solve your issue?

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