V6 Coolant tank

Here is the final design (for now) uses the classic style coolant cap.  Price should be under $190    Strut bar will be following after these and will be the same price as the 4cyl piece.    Probably offer 2 finishes.  Brushed bare alu or powdercoat texture black.



  1. Sapan D says:

    Sign me up!

  2. PugSaab says:

    hey when is it going up for sale?? i’m pumped

  3. Mark Marcon says:

    I’m in too! Though have had no problems with my Maptun strutbar + standard tank, I think I’ll switch that bar over to the 4 Cyl 9-3 that shares my drive…

    So: Strutbar, Coolant tank, 2 pt. brace, intake…(when is that intake going to be ready? I understand BSR ain’t shippin’ theirs anymore so I patiently wait for yours…)

  4. max says:

    Are these still being offered? I really need to replace my coolant tank, and this thing is cool!

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