Sonett Detail

So when the ocean freight arrived at the shop even with 7K sq the pallets overflowed the parts area and there was no longer any room inside for this little guy so he came to my garage. The wheels were is poor shape and nobody around here wanted to spend the time to polish the painted parts. So a few fingertips later they look nice without being overdone. The paint is still aged but this is a 35yo car! Hopefully we can find a good new home for this one. We still have the 2-strokes and I have my -72 95 Wagon that needs lots more love than this.

Meguars cleaner wax and a few coats of plain wax brought back the shine. In the first 5 min i was already remembering the difficulty of getting all the corners from years past. Being the kid it was my job.. anybody else out there remember painfully cleaning the “soccer ball” wheels?

The rest of the photos can be found here: Sonett Gallery

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