Around the shop on a Freight Day

So with the downturn this last oceanfreight shipment from Sweden had a fair bit of parts in it. Normally we get about half of what we order! This is the biggest problem. Does us no good to place orders if the suppliers can’t supply. The other complication is that with the weaker dollar we simply cannot afford to airfreight the parts. They have to come cheap ocean freight which takes 3 or so weeks. There are minimums on the ocean so we have to coordinate different suppliers to be ready at the same time too. You can see how this can get very complicated quick. At this point we certainly have built up inventory to be able to supply parts quickly to our customers. First indication that its enough is using the forklift to unload the delivery truck. That night we had to get a second UPS truck for pickup. There are about 50 exhaust kits in stock. So there is a pretty good chance we have that kit. So thanks to all you other “tuners” out there cutting back or who can only stock a few in their home garage. It finally allowed us to get close to our stocking targets to better supply the customers with great parts at a good value. There are a few of the 9 employees in the pics too. Daily service and manufacturing still has to go on. With all the bad saab news out there you can rest assured we have invested in our future and learned some lessons since 1990 when we moved into this shop. Lots of companies have come and gone and at Taliaferros we hope to be able to service your saabs as long as you can stand the quirky things. In the coming weeks I plan to share more of the daily workings here to hopefully let you see what sets us apart from the others.

The rest of the photos can be found here: Shop Gallery

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