Some Steering mods to the 2.3i Project

I have given up on finding a fast ratio manual rack for the NG900/9-3 so I decided to atack the problem directy. Not wanting to messup a “good” car we used the 2.3i project car. This way no loss if it is too much. If it works without be being too twitchy on the highway next up is my viggen.

Basically the modifications involved Steve machining some new new tapered inserts for the tierods on the CNC lathe and having Adam weld them in place with increased linkage ratio. 6-8″ of snow yesterday so no test drive or alignment yet.

Holding them in the mill was a bit tricky.

Steve (Machinist) saying get out of here and let me get this done. He was excited to test drive it before the snow came.

Adam Tig welded them in place. Poor old princess.. Cody got them bolted back in after a little flat black paint to keep them pretty. :cheesy:


  1. Dylan Southworth says:

    Have you locked at this performance shop for improved steering?

    Just a thought.

  2. NickT says:

    The pump is not the problem Replacing the gears is quite labor intensive and a very expensive option. That makes it out of the reach of most. This was cheap. Couple hours labor max. :) Results were perfect. Doing this to the NG900 Project car next.

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