New Project Car Arrives…

DIRTY!  More updates as the plan is formulated. We have to swap the clutch as a first  step to get it going. After that with some fresh 94 octane gas we can baseline dyno it and go from there. Should have some parts for sale that will help support the drag car this year. 


  1. YellowViggen says:

    How about using this one to show us how to adjust camber and caster. Front and back. Just a thought.

  2. YellowViggen says:

    The only camber adjustment kit I am aware of is on PFS website
    Not really clear how it works and if it suitable for Viggen. New one from GS (with proper instructions) would be welcome. I would volunteer to test it. Thanks.

    • NickT says:

      The uprights are one piece. Those bolts will do nothing. You can only adjust rear camber on your viggen. Front only adjustment is toe. To change the rest you swap the bent parts ;) or add race upper mounts for track use.

  3. Squarl says:

    what bumper lip is that?

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