9-3SS Ignition Misfire when tuned

Identifying the 4cyl Coils to fix the misfire on stg3 up. This is like a dead hole on full throttle.

If running the Plug gap a little closed down helps then you need new coils. (Close would be .8mm) Ngk BCPR7ES-11  A cheap factory Copper plug, Inspect every 20K miles.

When we turned up the 2.0T above stg1 we run into this and decided it would be helpful to the rest out there to identify the old coils.
The early white coils seem to misfire above stg1 on the B207R (210hp)

The plug cover comes off with the screwdriver in the trunk. 30torx. You need a 10mm socket to pull the coils and a 5/8″ sparkplug socket.

Catalog link: Ignition Coil 9-3SS 2.0t and 2.0T More info on the selecting the Right plugs?

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