New turbo for my Viggen

Well you know since 450whp is not enough I had to pick up a new turbo.  Nothging crazy  just a bit bigger that will still drop wedge in. Will most likely need to swap over to the 1000cc injectors from the 750s.

Since the current clutch won’t like this much I have a new twin disk on thew way like we are running in the drag car. Twin disks inherently are noisy and a bit touchy but I have some tricks to deal with that. Already picked up some parts to make a co2 actuator for the clutch pedal.  I had a setup that used a 150psi air tank in my old -78 99 racecar, made it nice to drive with a messed up knee. Faster shifts too once you get the hang of it. The co2 will store much more energy for longer drives. The tank only weighs about 10lbs, stores 5lbs of liquid. Will make some brackets and mount it to the hatch brace.  For now will have a simple system of valve and flow control. Eventually have plans to control it digitally by gear.   Plus need to make some real power to test my new gearbox bandaids, more on that later.

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