Viggen Fog Light Air Inlet

The guys finished up the new ram air intake snorkel for the viggen.  Replaces the right fog light and directs the air up to the stock airbox. Has a ramped floor to fight some water. Will work with stock airbox or the open air kit. Bolts to the factory foglight tabs. No drilling.  I go back and forth on the viggens intake. Sometimes the silent intake is nice but it does restrict power a hair at his level. Now obviously this is not the best option for those in snow country to run in the winter. ;) Should shed water decently with the design of the open air kit and the baffles between the filter and the road. Took about 15min to install so could be swapped for track use. We used thin aluminum sheet. If there is interest may go to limited production on these. Shame Adam had to weld it on the outside and you can’t see the clean weld beads. Here is a pic of half finished and another quick one of on the car.

FogIntake1 FogIntake2


  1. oldzmann says:

    I had the idea to do the same thing for brake ducting on track days.

  2. Ron Geall says:

    Looks like a great idea!

    I would be very interested in buying one of those air inlets if they go into production!

  3. Bill H says:

    I will buy it if you make it…I have all your other in house performance parts…It’s like, don’t stop now! What kind of gains performance data have you seen with this? If anything I would buy it for build quality alone…all your custom parts are top notch quality so I hope to see this. you should make a cast of the 6 cm exhaust housings while your at it, if that is even possible/worth it?…I can’t find one anywhere.

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