Found an F35 Unicorn! i=4.45

This first one will most likely will end up in my Viggen. Now that the drag car uses Vig axles I can have one spare for both cars.

The lower gears. 4.45 compared to stock 4.05 should help it jump a bit better. Get to third pulling earlier too.    Now to leave the short 5th too. And let it wind on the highway or go back to tall 5th and live with it…

factoryspeeds.gif< Stock gear ratio  445gears< 4.45 Gears

Now given that info and data from the latest dynorun (July 17 3076 r2) Gives us ground torque. Also known as thrust at the tire patch. One oversight in this chart is overlooking the necessary limiters in first gear and a bit in second.   If only it would hook that 6000lbs of thrust.. That would give nearly 2g of acceleration!   Ill keep the limiters.

DATA:  4.05 Tq and the 4.45 See how given the same engine power the shorter 4.45 makes more output torque. This is where the “pull” comes from in swapping gears. Same would apply when messing with tire diameter. Or it allows less input through the gearbox to make the same on the ground, always a good thing.


  1. John Williams says:

    interesting, I should try one of those and see how it works,

  2. Jeff says:

    What year did this come from ?

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