BBS CH Wallpaper

BBs CH 18s on My Viggen. Nice dark wallpaper  in 1920×1200 Should be plenty for most.  If you need a different size let me know.  Comments welcome.



  1. Johnny says:

    Hi Nick
    Im woundering that if I put the 18″ (225/40/18)on my 2002 9-3 SE will that be a problem to scratch the suspension? Right now Im using 215/45/17. It seems look like very close to suspenssion already.


    • NickT says:

      If the wheels have the correct offset and width. These are 18×8 with 40mm offset. 8″/35mm is a bit too much. 8″ 40-42mm is the sweet spot.

  2. Alex Cojocaru says:

    Now that’s how a rim should look like! Those center caps are awesome and match the rim really nice.

  3. Jason says:

    Nice one, displaying it proudly!

  4. Medic says:

    Nice wallpaper. =)
    And your Viggen is also very nice.

    Greetings from Switzerland

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