New Prototype Strut Mounts

Now that we are done with the big CNC job we can get working on some new projects. One of the first in line was an upgraded strut mount for the 9-3 and eventually the Ng900 for use with 2-1/2″ coil springs.   Just trying to get some proof of concept parts in cars to rack up miles.  The cold weather and Race valved konis should give them a beating.   For now they are stock geometry but may make them with ideal geometry for specific uses.  Always hated the adjustable ones that slipped.

Machined aluminum with a Teflon lined bearing so they should stay quiet for a while. Cheaply rebuildable and use the stock strut rotational bearing. Base is setup for a 2-1/2″ Coil-over only, not for stock springs. The bolts are even replaceable if one gets messed up, unlike the stock studs.   Couple other features that should make for cheap coilover kits.

Should have them in my viggen tomorrow night.


  1. Lucian says:

    Just a couple of weeks too late, for such a great product to be launched in production :(
    Because I already got the uniball top mount…
    But who knows, I might sell those and go with yours, simply based on my very satisfied customer position!
    Best regards!

  2. Martin W says:

    Very timely,
    I am having measurements made for adjustable camber plates for my Viggen to fit with my adjustable Konis and springs. Depending on the estimate I may be calling to order your mounts and coilovers. Adjustability is a must though. How easy would it be to switch from one set of mounts for street to another for track? Keep us posted. No rush until the snow melts.

    • NickT says:

      There is not much need to run more camber with the right spring rate. Also very little room to adjust the camber with stock diameter springs. That was my main motivation to fit the smaller diameter coils but the need for more camber was gone with the stiffer springs.

  3. MartinW says:

    Thanks Nick, that’s useful info. Can you post the springs rates for comparison? I found the front spring rates from my original Viggen brochure as 142lbs/in (25N/mm). No idea about the Konis. Koni rep was not helpful. How about your coilovers that you recommend?

  4. David DelTorto says:

    I’m very excited for these mounts. Been
    Running coilovers now for about a year and have gone through two sets of oem strut mounts so far

  5. MartinW says:

    David, is your car with the coilovers streeteable? I’ve been put off by “race only” designation in the catalogue but if you drive your car perhaps I could too?

  6. David DelTorto says:

    they’re street-able to my preferences. however many think they’re too rough a ride. I also autocross and track my car too which makes them very usefull. If you drive your car spiritually and still like comfort then sport springs and konis are fine

  7. MartinW says:

    Interesting. I’m preparing for solo-sprint (time trial) up here in Canada for 2011. I’ve done many driving schools in the past. This may not be the right forum for this but I would be interested in exchanging tips and advice on how to prepare Viggen for track use. I am on TSN member gallery under Yellow Viggen.

  8. David DelTorto says:

    you can get in touch with me on the saablink, but if you’re looking to setup your viggen for the track the first person I’d talk to would be Nick. He knows far more than me and is doing a damn good job of preparing his viggen for the track

  9. Lucian says:

    Nick, the price on your site is for each side?
    Would they work with koni yellow adjustables?

    • NickT says:

      Catalog Link
      Price each (1), just as factory parts. The option there is for the damper rod adaptor, available for the std dimension Koni Sport/ Bilstein etc or Koni Race.

  10. giovanni valentino says:

    hey nick, this comes at a perfect time, because my strut mounts are on they’re way out! Looks great but i got some questions…
    my car is a 1999 9-3 with all your suspenions upgrades, including urethane bushings, springs shocks and braces… and riding on 18’s but not in the winter…

    1) i have the koni sport springs, the blue ones, that i bought from you, will the strut mounts fit better then the stock or the same. or are these not made for the koni blue springs?

    2) i also have the koni yellow shocks but im sure they would fit, but when i order these do i have to tell you before purchasing them for a special adapter to fit the shocks??

    3) can you give me a litttle comparison from these compared to the urethane filled strut mount that you are selling… in other words what would be the ride difference between them because im stuck trying to figure out what would be good for me….

    4) what is the longevity of these mounts, in your oppinion, and what would most probably wear out first? and if something does wears out quickly, can it be changed? or do i have to re-purchase the full mount…
    i basically dont wanna buy them and next year buy new ones again…
    i wanna track the car in the summer (not occasionally), but its also my daily driver… (our roads here in Montreal Quebec, are full of shit so the car will be riding on tough raods) but im not exaclty into comfort, (i can always loosen the koni yellows to more soft if i dont like the harshness) and i’m more really towards the sporty ride. so im curious if these mounts would be good for me… please let me know, as im ready to order these now….

  11. Lucian says:

    Great BOLT-ON RACE upgrade!!!
    Thanks, Nick ;)
    P.S. What about having some Teflon lined bearings as spares for a fast rebuild? Or what do you advise for rebuiling them?
    Thumbs up again!

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