Viggen tuning… 511wHp

Fitted the 1000cc Injector Dynamics nozzles from the drag car in my Viggen to help get a bit more fuel up top that was not there with the 750cc, the results we interesting.   Yeah that graph is 511whp.  ;)

Initially we were down on power ~470s , mostly a function of the gear ratio change.  No big deal, within a few percent.   Some a function of Ethanol composition compared to summer fuel and the rest to my temp corrections being a big off in T7 calibration.   Now the issue is we are up against the MAF calculation limit in T7.  Way past the traction limit anyway.  Tomorrow will start working down in power to get the rest of the maps sorted out. Pulled a little boost out the last run to keep the gearbox and clutch happy. Fuel pump is done by 5000.  Not really wanting to fit -6 line and second pump. Might make two pumps in the tank and see how that goes. .

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