Short shifter without the cores!

Working around the fact that under 1/4 of the shifter cores are returned we had to work out a better solution. A core is just borrow, not for keeps. A little aspect most miss and causes lots of delays waiting on a certain core part number to return for the next guy in line.

The solution was to build a full new shifter from scratch.  They will be the same function as what we currently have but will require end user to enlarge the hole in the base of the shifter and assemble it at their end.  No big deal for always available and no core return, especially for our overseas customers. The shafts are made of the same metric dimensioned materials as factory.  The premium version will have a billet aluminum lockout mechanism and threaded top to accept aftermarket shift knobs!  These should be available starting next week.


  1. James from Seattle says:

    Just promise me that this is AS good or BETTER than the former short-shifter, and I will get in line. Otherwise, I’ll go with the old method of cores with my promise to send the old one back… ;o)

    • NickT says:

      Exact same, Promise. Will use the existing upgrades bearing/ base etc. Just now we are including the shift rod so there is no need to send it back. :) They will still be offered both ways. Just eliminates the back log on some applications.

  2. Sean P says:

    Any pictures of the “premium version”? Standard thread size of 1/2-20?

    Not that you need it anymore, But I have an extra shifter kicking around somewhere.

    I’m actually surprised you haven’t CNC’d a custom shift knob to work with the existing shift rod.

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