Short Shifter for Universal Knobs

Just a rough first prototype.  I know there are a bunch excited about this part.   Also shown is a close version of the new shift knob.  Will also be available in a few thread sizes so you can run whatever knob you want. Mention the threads you want in the comments. The top of the rev lockout will be more rounded.  Compatible with stock shift boot.  Will sort out the little details first in a test car then get these headed to production in a few weeks.


  1. Sean P says:

    1/2-20 seems to be the most common size. But so many aftermarket knobs use those adapter fittings to cover multiple brands.

    Any plans to offer a custom knob? Or perhaps powder coated or anodized reverse lockout mechanisms?

  2. Sean P says:

    Anythoughts to shortening the top part of the stick above the spherical bearing? Or would that just completely mess up the physics of shifting and make the leverage required too much?

    • NickT says:

      We may but to keep costs reasonable will just be one style will make production. Shorter would further increase the input force required, probably stay away from that.

  3. Ian B says:

    Any idea when these might be available?

  4. pitman says:

    i think it should have hondas thread so many aftermarket companies for honda. also i like a longer shift rod with a shorter length. so it is a faster easier shift. you habd will be closer to wheel but the action has to be short

  5. Sean P says:

    Are these available for purchase yet? What would be involved in swapping over to it from your existing short shifter? Possible just to swap out rod? Or does the whole unit basically need to be replaced?

  6. Lucian says:

    Any chance to get that nice knob in production for us? At least one for me ;)

  7. nugge says:

    Is this project dumped?

    If not throw me an email and ill buy one ^^

  8. Sean P says:

    Can we buy these yet?


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